Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The right fit

Who knew that a different running shoe could have such a huge impact on the way you run and train? Apparently, a lot of people knew that, but I was not one of them! The way I chose running shoes in the past was based on price and look... not on how they actually fit my feet (counter intuitive, I know).

Yesterday, Tara (who is also training for the half-marathon) and I went to The Extra Mile downtown on King Street to be properly fitted for running shoes. What an experience! The owners, Mike & Pat Loggins, are avid runners and had us outfitted within 10 minutes. Mike looked at our current running shoes, watched the way we walked and how and where our feet hit the ground and voila! The perfect shoe for us!

My shoes were the right style but a FULL SIZE too small. Apparently, running 13.1 miles in a shoe like that can wreak havoc on your feet. Tara, on the other hand, was wearing a shoe completely wrong for her. Mike knew exactly where she got her shin splints and where her knees hurt before she could even tell him! It was fascinating!

Long story short, I will continue to go to the Extra Mile for shoe expertise in the future and recommend that others do the same. The service was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and didn't cost a penny more than randomly choosing sneakers from a sporting goods store. In the long run, it probably saves a lot on aches and pains too!

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