Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Group Training Session

Hmmm... One full week since my last post... I suppose y'all know what that means! Ding, ding, ding! I haven't run since last Tuesday. HOWEVER, Tara and I did go to the group training session for the Fall/Winter Team in Training teams tonight. I was nervous since the other group has been training for a few months but we did a lot of other things than just run. It was a great workout and gave us some ideas for other exercises to strengthen the support muscles that we need for a 13.1 mile run!

One of our coaches, Barbara, also gave us a training schedule targeted toward our particular race. I feel like that gives me concrete goals and things to focus on which is great. We all know how much I love structure in my life! 

In other news, I don't have as much time to blog because I started a new job today! I'm a Communications Specialist at Blackbaud here at Charleston and I'm really excited to start my new career with this great company. 

I'll probably be beyond sore tomorrow, but my goal is to run 3-4 miles! Keep you posted!

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