Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Creating a Window to My World

There's no doubt that social media is a cornerstone of communications and public relations today. As a twenty-five year old, fairly recent graduate, I've used Facebook since it opened to Clemson's campus in 2004. I joined Twitter and began blogging in graduate school, thanks to the influence and assignments of one of my professors, Dr. Karen Russell. However, I still have trouble leveraging these tools for career related purposes, despite the plethora of posts on how to do so.

So here begins my quest to join the conversation. I recently started really following Dr. Russell's blog again and find the Week's Best post to be particularly helpful. Although I'm not fresh out of school, or currently a student for that matter, I am still new to and trying to learn my way around the field. The Week's Best points me to hot topics and helpful information, and also helps me find professionals that I can follow and learn from.

It was through a variety of clicks and blogrolls that I found PRos in Training and a post on giving your blog direction. Although I'm still not sure exactly what direction my blog will take, I'm looking forward to the experience. I think my main obstacle will be sticking to a schedule, but practice makes perfect right?

Any tips or tricks are much appreciated!

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