Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is Social Media a PR Must?

As I work to further my expertise and career in communications and public relations by reading blogs and engaging in social media (among other means), a majority of the blog posts and articles that I read emphasize the need to engage and become an expert on social media. I blog, I tweet, I'm on Facebook, LinkedIn, and most recently, Yammer. But, so are most other professionals of my same age pursuing a similar career path. Some engage because they want to, others do because they think they should.

Thanks to Dr. Russell's Week's Best Post, I came across an interesting post by Sean Moffitt. Sean discusses the limitations of social media and the accompanying "fever pitch" associated with it. Many businesses have trouble leveraging social media for valuable uses.

One of Sean's points relates to one of my recent posts and reflections on how technology affects our relationships. Yes, social media allows for real-time engagement across states and countries, but it's also becoming a soapbox for many to broadcast, not engage.

From what I've read recently, Sean seems to be in the minority on the value of social media, but his post does remind us not to abandon traditional strategies and tactics.

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