Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magazine's Best: Finance

I read a lot of magazines and I subscribe to a lot of magazines because I know that I'll buy them in the grocery store or in line at Target anyway. To justify spending about $100 on subscriptions a year, I try my best to use the recipes, workouts, and the other information from the 10 or so magazines I get each month. (And please don't judge me, I'm an avid recycler).

I get a lot of great ideas out of these magazines and since I'm a sucker, I try some of the recommended products (assuming I need new mascara or whatever the product may be). I also find a lot of websites that have good tools and information. And I'd like to share what I've found with you! Be on the lookout for posts on these topics, starting with this one!

Starting out after college is hard enough, these websites can help you navigate your finances.
  • A comprehensive budgeting website that links directly to your bank accounts and categorizes what you spend. Endorsed by Money Magazine and Kiplinger's. Safe and secure.
  • A virtual "piggy bank" to save money for specific goals like family vacations or big purchases. It's easy to use, interactive, and you can share savings goals with friends and family so they can add money as gifts. I use it for general savings. It's easy to get to if you need to use it for emergencies, but not easy enough for the "emergency" dress that I want to buy.
  • Get a free, no strings-attached, no need to opt-in credit score. I used it this week to check my credit score and found out I'm also entitled to one free credit report a year from
  • Shop online frequently? Find free shipping codes here!

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