Monday, December 14, 2009

Are Christmas Cards a Thing of the Past?

I love sending cards and I love receiving cards, which is one of the main reasons I send them. I'm still like a little kid when I go to the mailbox, hoping for mail (not a bill of some kind) or a magazine. And (I think) there are still some people out there like me. I wrestle with the eco-friendliness of mailing cards, but it just takes more time and effort to send something via snail mail versus shooting a quick email and I hope that those people receiving my mail think of it that way.

Facebook has been on everyone's lips for the past two weeks as they've changed the privacy settings and they way they're presented to users, seemingly in hopes of having people share more with more people. All of that aside, the traditional vehicle for updating friends and family on your life and what you and yours are up to has been the Christmas card. Letters and photos described the progress your family, children, dogs, and cats made over the past year. But, are they still relevant today?

With college students and baby boomers alike using and loving Facebook, we update friends and "friends" weekly, daily, and even hourly on our comings and goings, the latest pictures of our loved ones, and our opinions on college football. What would be big Christmas card news is now a status update on your news feed.

So are you sending Christmas cards? Have you received as many as you usually do?

Here's another option. You can sign up on, enter important dates you'd like to send a card for, choose a card, and Jack Cards sends you pre-stamped and addressed envelopes to sign and mail in time to get it to your loved one. Sure, that seems like cheating, but THEY don't have to know that. It seems like a good mix of a quick email and that person that ALWAYS remembers your birthday with a card and a thoughtful note. Do those people exist anymore? Also, a great option for forgetful husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

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