Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making an Impact by Reducing your Imprint

I'm not sure when or why I got so passionate about recycling, there was no cataclysmic moment but I don't understand why anyone would choose not to recycle. I know I don't do as much as I could to preserve, but every little bit helps, right?

That's why I admire my friend Abby so much. She's getting married in September and is making every effort to have the greenest wedding possible. On her blog, Something Green, Abby details the decisions she's making to make her wedding more earth friendly. There are a lot of aspects I hadn't considered and I have a lot to learn from her!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Magazine's Best

I've talked about how much I love flipping through magazines, I don't think you can get the same experience online. Because of that, I have a stack of about 8 magazines to look through. I like to get my money's worth by tearing out recipes, checking out new websites, and being the sucker who buys the beauty products they "test". Here's where I share what I've found with you and it helps me remember what I like and what I don't for later!

Love to bake? Looking for a unique wedding shower gift for a friend? has some of the cutest kitchen and baking supplies I've seen. Lots of quirky and fun stuff!

Real Simple featured 10 new ways to fix up cheese ravioli.  I make pasta a lot (I love carbs), but it can get boring. I'm definitely going to try a few, First up, Ravioli with Fontina and Walnut Sauce!

I'm always looking for new and different things to do when I get together with friends. I started a book club. I go to supper club. I would LOVE to have game nights... but I can't drum up enough interest. So I came across Sublime Stitching. You can find patterns, tools, and for newbies (like me!) they have kits you can buy to get you started. My mom cross-stitched a lot and I would love to learn the basics. Who's with me?

I also got some ideas of books to read for the year. Check out my Goodreads to see what I added. (Or see the right side of my blog!)

Photo courtesy of chotda via Flickr

Monday, January 25, 2010

Social Media Makeover Part 2

Day 5: Watch this Video
Really entertaining and interesting thoughts on the internet and impact of social media. Vote for Mr. Splashy Pants! Definitely worth checking out! I also learned about Keep up to date on what's new online.

Day 6: Revamp your RSS Reading
This post offers multiple suggestions to enhance your RSS reading experience. One is to clean up and remove those blogs you don't read which result in 100 unread posts which makes me not even want to try to wade through it all. I realize that I need to be realistic with myself in terms of my time and my interests. Yes there are some subjects that I want to WANT to care about... but I needed to prioritize and streamline. I feel better already.

The second suggestion I followed was to download Better GReader which gives you a lot more options to customize Reader. I'm looking forward to playing with these options.

The other suggestions didn't really apply to me (app for my iPhone? I wish) but they're worth checking out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Social Media Makeover: Days 1-4

As I said in a previous post, I've decided to embark on a Social Media Makeover with help from The Social Path. And although one of my 2010 resolutions is to blog more often, it's been a slow go so far so I'm starting with the first 4 days.

Day 1: Flesh Out Your LinkedIn Public Profile
This turned out to be a quick fix. My profile was fairly complete and already public but I did update my resume with some additional experience and I learned that LinkedIn HAD public profiles and privacy settings. Who knew?

Day 2: Try Posterous, a better way to blog and bookmark.
Even after reading the post about Posteroous AND reading the FAQs on the Posterous site, I still didn't completely understand the concept. So I followed the instructions and emailed some content (a picture) to with almost no idea what would happen next. About 10 seconds later I received an email with a link to my Posterous site with the picture posted, just like a blog post... kind of.

I found the most intriguing aspect of Posterous in this section of the FAQs:
Autopost to everywhere
Just set up your other accounts here. The next time you post to posterous, we will instantly autopost everywhere else.

Facebook minifeed or status can be updated with your most recent posts. If you attach photos, we'll automatically organize and post them into your photo albums.

Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a shortened

Flickr photos will be put automatically in your photostream. If you attach multiple photos, we'll post them all in the order we receive them.

Blogs will be updated with the full content you send us. We'll host your images, music and files, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Although, I also realized the people that I interact the most with on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter are pretty much the same people. It seems like there are those people who are interested and those who are, well, not. So I'll keep playing with my new Posterous account and see how I like it... although another something I've realized is you only get out of it what you put into it (original thought, I know).

Day 3: Switch 10 of your Flickr photos to Creative Commons
I didn't have any pictures on Flickr prior to attempting this makeover. I don't have a lot of nonpersonal pictures that I could share rights with or that people would even want to use. But I did upload two "scenic" pictures from the mountains.

Day 4: Cull your crowd on Twitter
Done. No crown means no need to cull. I don't use Twitter as actively as most, I like to think it has to do with a lack of a fancy phone with internet. Perhaps another initiative?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gaines Adams Dies at 26

Gaines Adams died today from an apparent heart attack and it is very sad day for Clemson alumni and fans. It's especially difficult for those former Tiger players who played alongside him. As I write this, I still can't believe that it's true. As a student-athlete mentor in college, I worked with an great group of guys, and Gaines was one of the them. He had an incredible spirit and a charming personality. And while I hadn't talked to him since graduation, I consider myself very lucky to have known him.

The news affected me in a way that I didn't expect, especially considering the fact that I hadn't seen Gaines in a couple of years. But that goes to show you the profound effect that he had on people. I've spent today recalling times spent with Gaines that I hadn't thought of in a while. And all of those memories made me smile or laugh. He will be missed and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Social Media Makeover

David Griner of The Social Path is doing a series of posts in January geared towards a Social Media Makeover. I haven't been following the day-to-day posts because I really wanted to dedicate some time to completing those things that apply to me (Cull my Twitter crowd? No problem.) and time isn't something that I've had in abundance so far this year. Check back for posts on my progress!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Initiatives

Obviously I'm a little behind on the 2010 posts as this is my first, but better late the never right? (Or insert other cliche about time here) For anyone who knows me, you know that I regularly decide to take on new initiatives, independent of the New Year... some of the 2009's included:
  • Eat at a new restaurant once a week- I haven't done so consistently, but it has pushed me to try new places rather than eating at my favorites.
  • Start a book club- Done and done. We have a group of girls that meets once every month or so for beverages, food, and some chit chat about the book we chose. It may or may not be an excuse to drink wine on a Tuesday, but it does push me to read books that I wouldn't normally pick up otherwise.
  • Brush up on my Spanish- I made mediocre attempts in 2009 but have ramped up efforts in 2010 as I'm going to Spain in May! I've downloaded a couple of podcasts and lessons from iTunesU (which is really cool if you've never checked it out before!) and I think I'll stick with it since I have an upcoming opportunity to really use it.
  • Learn about cars- This was more or less a flop. I bought a book geared towards women... perhaps a little ambitious amongst the plethora of other things I'd like to accomplish.
  • Read the "Intellectual Devotional" daily- I miss school. I love to learn. And this book has a different subject, person, or event everyday. For the two weeks I did read it, I learned a lot.
  • Read books for leisure- Huh? Not so much time for that. 
Not to mention that, as I've blogged about before, I get 6 or 7 magazines a month. I also play tennis and work! Hard to believe I know, but I have to have some way to fund these adventures.

So for 2010, I have these plus a few others. Somewhere along the line, I'm going to have to figure out how to prioritize these. 

  • Be a tourist in Charleston- I live in a city that people scramble to visit every year. It's unlikely that I'll live here forever, so I need to take advantage of it while I can.
  • Blog consistently and with a purpose- I know a downfall of a lot of blogs is a lack of direction. Sometimes I think I have one, and other times I'm not sure. I know I don't have a lot of readers, but I plan on changing that this year!
  • Cook twice a week- I know it doesn't sound like much, but this is (hopefully) a stepping stone to becoming a culinary genius! ...or something along those lines. I suppose I could settle for Preparer of Edible Food.
  • Journal and Keep a Travel Journal- My memory is less than stellar, perhaps due to a lack of focus (see previous posts and above ramblings for reference), so I'd like to journal about those events and trips that are new and different, as well as those little things I'd like to remember about my friends and family.
And although I don't mention them here, I have career goals as well... I guess it's time to get started! Any advice to keep me on track?