Monday, January 25, 2010

Social Media Makeover Part 2

Day 5: Watch this Video
Really entertaining and interesting thoughts on the internet and impact of social media. Vote for Mr. Splashy Pants! Definitely worth checking out! I also learned about Keep up to date on what's new online.

Day 6: Revamp your RSS Reading
This post offers multiple suggestions to enhance your RSS reading experience. One is to clean up and remove those blogs you don't read which result in 100 unread posts which makes me not even want to try to wade through it all. I realize that I need to be realistic with myself in terms of my time and my interests. Yes there are some subjects that I want to WANT to care about... but I needed to prioritize and streamline. I feel better already.

The second suggestion I followed was to download Better GReader which gives you a lot more options to customize Reader. I'm looking forward to playing with these options.

The other suggestions didn't really apply to me (app for my iPhone? I wish) but they're worth checking out!

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