Friday, February 5, 2010

Film vs. Digital: Surprise or Certainty?

I have always loved taking pictures. I maintain that my children (still hypothetical) will be the most photographed of any kids around (unless you consider the Jolie/Pitt clan... which I'm not). Years ago, I would tote around multiple disposable cameras and pay an arm and a leg at a drugstore to get it developed in an hour. Then, I'd spend time flipping through and either delighting in the memories captured or discarding those pictures that were messed up in some way, shape, or form. I developed a love/hate relationship with the element of surprise these photos offered. When I was in high school, my parents gave me a nice camera with multiple lenses and general fanciness that I never fully learned how to operate. I used it frequently, attempting artsy photos and taking it anywhere appropriate, but it was too big for everyday use.

Enter the digital camera. How exciting! We can see pictures right after we've taken them! ...and scrutinize every hair out of place and pound added since college. Get a group of girls together and expect to spend a minute or two analyzing the pros and cons of a photo before inevitably deciding to pose again. Again, a love/hate relationship. I've gotten to the point where I enforce (at least with myself) a "no-looking at pictures until the next day" rule. It seems to simplify things and reduce self-scrutiny.

However, as my sister and I embarked on her son and my nephew's first long trip, I decided to bring along my nice film camera. As the snow accumulates around the house we grew up in, I've taken a roll of film of the house and of my nephew. I'm still taking pictures with my digital camera as well, but I'm so excited to see how the other pictures turn out. Now the question is, where do I go to get film developed?!

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