Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Annnd I'm back! ...again

Worst.Blogger.Ever. That's me. and now you're up to speed.

I have spoiled myself by listening to books in the car. I look forward to trips and even short treks on my lunch break to hear what happens next, but audiobooks can be expensive if you're buying, unavailable if checking out from the library, or inconvenient to return if listening to a Cracker Barrel audiobook. And yet, I like to be entertained in the car and music just doesn't cut it sometimes.

And then I remembered podcasts! I listened to a few Spanish language podcasts before heading to Spain to brush up on some grammar, nevermind the fact that when I was over there I'm pretty sure the way I spoke sounded something like... "I... sandwich." or "Please... wine."

Anyway, I added Money Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips and Stuff You Missed in History Class. Yes, completely nerdy but I feel like I can use my commute to learn something? We'll see how this goes.


Barbara said...

So I'm completely behind the times and don't really know exactly how podcasts even work.

Is it something you download on itunes and put on your ipod, or is it something that streams directly to your ipod?

Lauren said...

You subscribe to podcasts through iTunes, but when new ones are available, they download automatically and upload to your iPod the next time you connect it to iTunes!