Monday, June 14, 2010

NASCAR Fans Recycle!

This is old news, but I never had a chance to blog about it. Two weeks ago NASCAR came to town and literally took over. The major blocks Uptown were closed for Speed Street. You can imagine the people watching that you can do there! Anyway, there are all kinds of vendors... beer, tobacco, NASCAR paraphernalia... you name it. As I walked around taking in the sights that Friday, I noticed an abundance of recycling cans lining the streets. I was thrilled! And then I read this article: Speed Street saw a 15% increase in recycling this year. (I can't get it to link so the text is below)

When I mentioned this to a Doubting Thomas friend that shall remain nameless, he told me that only 20% of what's recycled actually gets recycled. I don't know if that's true, but I do know that's 20% less that's going to the landfill and 20% that's being reused for all kinds of great things!

Food Lion Speed Street, the annual Uptown Charlotte event known for its racing theme, live performances and bags full of freebies, made recycling a top priority this year – with impressive results. More than 15 percent more waste was recycled than in 2009. Ultimately, just over 40 percent of all waste was recycled – a staggering 18.75 tons of cardboard, bottles, cans and grease that did not end up in a local landfill.
Across the board, recycling at Speed Street saw significant increases from the 2009 event.


Garbage – 2009: 74.51%, 2010: 59.03%
Recycled cardboard – 2009: 15.97%, 2010: 22.45%
Recycled bottles/cans – 2009: 7.23%, 2010: 16.42%
Recycled grease – 2009: 2.29%, 2010: 2.09%

Total tonnage

Garbage – 2009: 74.51%, 2010: 59.03%
Recycling – 2009: 25.49%, 2010; 40.97%
The numbers reflect increased dedication to waste reduction and sustainable practices at high-traffic events. The International Special Events Society (ISES) recognized 2009’s Speed Street as the “Best Green Event” because of its then-nascent recycling program. This effort “paved the way for other Charlotte events to initiate a similar, large-scale recycling effort,” according to JHE Production Group, which organizes Speed Street.

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