Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Swim... ouch

I took to the pool today for my first swim since... well, 1998.  Let's just say, 3 minutes after I climbed out of the pool, I could hardly lift my arms. 

I may have pushed myself a little too hard the first time out, but I forgot how much of a workout swimming is. Also, considering the last time I really competed I was 14 and running around all day, every day in a variety of sports.  I started with freestyle, breathing every third stroke. When I got really winded, I'd switch to breaststroke. I've NEVER felt my triceps pull more!

The other part of swimming at the Y, is that you're typically sharing the lane with someone.  I started out on my own and a girl around my age joined me about halfway through my swim. So of course, I couldn't let her pass me! ...the competitor in me may have also deemed me incapacitated tomorrow...

Looking forward to our team swim on Saturday morning!

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