Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My A-HA Moment for Today

I had an a-ha moment today, as Oprah would call it. Although, Oprah's a-ha moments are typically deeper than what I'm about to share.  I discovered the most awesome calorie counting & fitness tracking app for my phone! (Behold my shallowness).

MyFitnessPal gives you a recommended amount of calories... depending on your age, weight, height, how much you want to lose, how fast you want to lose it, etc. THEN you can log meals, snacks, and exercise. Full disclosure, it's highly unlikely that I'll follow this to a T, but it's a great guideline and accountability tool! I'm also determined to make my fancy internet phone worth the money I pay for it.

Here are the three coolest things I've found:
1. You can scan the bar codes of foods you eat and it pops up instantly! Instead of searching (although the search is really user friendly) through similar items, you save time this way.

2. The app also estimates the recommended amounts of vitamins, fats (good and bad), fiber, protein, etc. that you should (or shouldn't) be taking in, and let's you know how much you have left until you reach your daily goal, or if you're close to passing your recommended sodium intake for the day.

3. It syncs up with their website, so you can input information on your phone or on the web.

I've tried another similar app before, but this one is a lot better and easier to navigate. 

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