Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The weirdest thing...

I'm actually, dare I say, looking forward to running today. I can hardly believe those words just came out of my mouth.  My last two runs were... I won't say easy... but not totally miserable. And I know that if I keep up with my schedule, they'll only get better. Fingers crossed!

In other 'I'm incredibly easy to please' news, I got new goggles and they are awesome!  I had some seriously old school goggles (thanks Jessa!) that worked okay, but did required adjusting every couple of laps.  I bought new ones, but they didn't fit my face and let water in... which is a problem in case you didn't know.  Luckily, the folks at TrySports in Ballantyne let me exchange them and now I'm swimming like a fish (with goggles)! And let me tell you, I look sharp in them (hopefully my sarcasm transmits via blog).

I also bit the bullet and bought bike shorts.  While they were much more expensive than I expected, I know that the price is worth it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review: Sarah's Key

Sarah's KeySarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was hooked from the beginning and was intrigued and horrified at the same time. But I was disappointed with how the book/plot seemed to lose steam at the end. The last few chapters seemed almost shallow compared to the first 3/4 of the book. Regardless, I really enjoyed it, couldn't put it down, and would definitely recommend to others!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I'm Wanting this Month

Between moving and training, I have a long list of wants these days!

For my apartment... priority 1 is a rug. While I love the hardwood floors in my new place, my coffee table has wheels and rolls around whenever I try to prop my aching legs up.  Ideally, I'd like some sort of pattern. Maybe something like this from Overstock...

Next are some new couch pillows. If I end up with a solid rug, I'd love some orange patterned pillows to make my pale mint green sofa pop. I've been looking on Etsy and I really like these from Kainkain...

Next is this butcher block from Ikea. I don't have much counter space at all and I could put this at the end of the counter and wheel it in when I need it!
Finally, my TV has been sitting on my desk for the last year and I'd like to reclaim it! I'd like to buy two of these shelving units, put them together, and make it my little entertainment center.

And that's just for my apartment! There's training gear on that list too. (See my previous post about the necessity of bike shorts, ouch) My only challenge is keeping myself from buying everything all at once. My credit card would not be pleased.

Time to get serious!

Today I realized it's time to get serious about training... AND time to buy bike shorts. I give you permission to laugh because if you could see me hobbling around right now, I know you would. I'm definitely laughing at myself.

I've missed several team trainings due to weddings, moving, showers... but I've realized those aren't reasons, they're excuses.  I made it to the Team Ride this morning at the Booty Loop, a three-mile loop packed with runners and bikers.  There are a couple of long hills on the back end of the loop and man, those killed me.

I learned a lot today. One of the coaches rode with me (probably scared I would get run over :) ), but he taught me about gears, strategy (yes, there's strategy... mainly not to kill yourself in the bike so you can make it through the run), and fueling... myself, not the bike.

Everything I thought I should be doing in terms of switching gears was incorrect and the correct way is totally counter intuitive to me. But I'm so glad I learned when to gear up (going down hill) and when to gear down (heading up hills).  I also feel comfortable enough to head out there on my own during the week. The cars in the area are used to the bikers, they might not like us, but they're aware.

We were all talking today about how we used to make fun of "those" people.  Head to toe spandex and totally geared out.  But now I'm excited to be one of those people, doing something that's not only great for myself and my body, but for those battling blood cancers.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy some padded bike shorts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dress Down for LLS

Tomorrow, on St. Patrick's Day, Walsingham is having a dress down day to help me raise money for LLS and my Team in Training goal of $3,000. I remember Dress Down Days as high stress. What to wear on the one day I don't have to wear a uniform?? I'm sure they were days my parents dreaded (high drama with two girls), but they were still fun days full of Abercrombie and American Eagle.

This is the third fundraising event I've done for LLS, and the third time Walsingham has agreed to help and honor the memory of my mom and those affected by leukemia, lymphoma and other blood diseases.  I'm so grateful for the support!

As much as I'd like to post a picture from high school, I don't have a scanner, which I'm sure makes many of you happy.  So here's a picture of me, Jessa and Mom from Mother's Day in 2004. While I don't think it's the most fabulous picture I've ever been in, I love it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Training Update

Life has gotten in the way of training as of late. Between packing and unpacking for my move, planning and attending a bachelorette party in Florida (I know, life is rough) and work, I haven't had the energy to follow the training schedule to a T.

This week I vow to change that! Today, I got to the gym 45 minutes before our team swim session to run for 30 minutes. Mind you, my 30 minute run is a run/walk hybrid, but I got through about 2.25 miles.  Then I hopped in the pool with the team for our hour long training swim.  We do a series of drills to improve our strokes then more drills to improve our strokes! 

Tomorrow, a 30 minute bike is on the schedule.  I plan on conquering that at lunch.  Wednesday is 30 minutes of swim drills and a run.  Since I play tennis on Wednesdays, I count that as my run... wish me luck!  

Just for pizazz, here's a picture from the bachelorette party.  The girls with Captain Hatch.

Grocery Cart Envy

It's true, I covet those things in others' grocery carts.  I leave the store with at least two more items than I intended to buy, not due to the clever product placement of the store, but of my grocery cart voyeurism (if that's not a word, it should be).

Lately, I've started shopping at Trader Joe's (LOVE!) and I don't know where to begin with all of their fabulous foods.  On my first visit, I saw a girl grab the White Cheddar Corn Puffs. Delicious!  Tonight, I came away with some pre-prepared grilled chicken, a different kind of lettuce, and some new Luna bars.

So if you see me in the store, I'm probably peering into your cart to check out the goods. Creepy? Well, not intentionally at least.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Go Back...

I've been awful nostalgic lately.  I doubt that's shocking to anyone, considering my penchant for scrapbooking, taking pictures, and reminiscing. I've been compared, on more than one occasion, to Melissa Joan Hart's character in Can't Hardly Wait as she tries to get the entire senior class to sign her yearbook. (In other news, apparently you can't find EVERYTHING on YouTube, as they don't have a clip of that part of the movie. A tragedy.)  Regardless, I've felt several pangs lately.

Being at home. My sister and I went home a couple of weeks and as I ran through the neighborhood (yes, I actually did) it reminded me of growing up, riding my bike, fishing in the pond, and stealing golf carts.

Listening to my iPod on shuffle.  On that trip home, I shuffled my iPod and came across some goodies and ALL of them took me to another place and time. I LOVE that about music.  To name a few... Why Georgia, Here's to You (Rascal Flatts), Blue Sky (Allman Brothers), Crazy Game of Poker (O.A.R.).

Playing tennis. I grew up training for tennis. As we had our first match last night, I climbed out of the car to those same familiar smells and sounds.  I can't describe how happy it makes me!

I can't figure out whether recalling these moments makes me sad or if they just take me back.  So I'll leave you with the ultimate reminiscing song...