Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I'm Wanting this Month

Between moving and training, I have a long list of wants these days!

For my apartment... priority 1 is a rug. While I love the hardwood floors in my new place, my coffee table has wheels and rolls around whenever I try to prop my aching legs up.  Ideally, I'd like some sort of pattern. Maybe something like this from Overstock...

Next are some new couch pillows. If I end up with a solid rug, I'd love some orange patterned pillows to make my pale mint green sofa pop. I've been looking on Etsy and I really like these from Kainkain...

Next is this butcher block from Ikea. I don't have much counter space at all and I could put this at the end of the counter and wheel it in when I need it!
Finally, my TV has been sitting on my desk for the last year and I'd like to reclaim it! I'd like to buy two of these shelving units, put them together, and make it my little entertainment center.

And that's just for my apartment! There's training gear on that list too. (See my previous post about the necessity of bike shorts, ouch) My only challenge is keeping myself from buying everything all at once. My credit card would not be pleased.

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