Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time to get serious!

Today I realized it's time to get serious about training... AND time to buy bike shorts. I give you permission to laugh because if you could see me hobbling around right now, I know you would. I'm definitely laughing at myself.

I've missed several team trainings due to weddings, moving, showers... but I've realized those aren't reasons, they're excuses.  I made it to the Team Ride this morning at the Booty Loop, a three-mile loop packed with runners and bikers.  There are a couple of long hills on the back end of the loop and man, those killed me.

I learned a lot today. One of the coaches rode with me (probably scared I would get run over :) ), but he taught me about gears, strategy (yes, there's strategy... mainly not to kill yourself in the bike so you can make it through the run), and fueling... myself, not the bike.

Everything I thought I should be doing in terms of switching gears was incorrect and the correct way is totally counter intuitive to me. But I'm so glad I learned when to gear up (going down hill) and when to gear down (heading up hills).  I also feel comfortable enough to head out there on my own during the week. The cars in the area are used to the bikers, they might not like us, but they're aware.

We were all talking today about how we used to make fun of "those" people.  Head to toe spandex and totally geared out.  But now I'm excited to be one of those people, doing something that's not only great for myself and my body, but for those battling blood cancers.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy some padded bike shorts.

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