Monday, March 14, 2011

Training Update

Life has gotten in the way of training as of late. Between packing and unpacking for my move, planning and attending a bachelorette party in Florida (I know, life is rough) and work, I haven't had the energy to follow the training schedule to a T.

This week I vow to change that! Today, I got to the gym 45 minutes before our team swim session to run for 30 minutes. Mind you, my 30 minute run is a run/walk hybrid, but I got through about 2.25 miles.  Then I hopped in the pool with the team for our hour long training swim.  We do a series of drills to improve our strokes then more drills to improve our strokes! 

Tomorrow, a 30 minute bike is on the schedule.  I plan on conquering that at lunch.  Wednesday is 30 minutes of swim drills and a run.  Since I play tennis on Wednesdays, I count that as my run... wish me luck!  

Just for pizazz, here's a picture from the bachelorette party.  The girls with Captain Hatch.

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