Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top 25 Most Played

I was browsing my iTunes library to update my training playlist and clicked on my "Top 25 Most Played" to pull some songs from there. What a revealing list it is! Luckily, I'm not terribly embarrassed by the songs on here... so here you go!

1. Candyman - Christina Aguilera
2. Rompe - Daddy Yankee
3. Stay - Dave Matthews Band
4. Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie & the Blowfish (have you heard the story about how I ran into Darius Rucker in the grocery store? Literally ran into him... it's a good one)
5. Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison -- such a happy song!
6. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison -- classic
7. Behind these Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
8. Addicted - Kelly Clarkson (widely unknown and totally underrated Kelly song)
9. Gunpowder & Lead - Miranda Lambert
10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Miranda Lambert (from these last two songs you'd think I'd just gotten out of a bad relationship, but I just love the rocker country!)
11. Here I Come - Fergie (please make another solo album Fergs)
12. Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna
13. Kiwi - Maroon 5 (new found love for Adam Levine thanks to The Voice!)
14. Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake (love when the bass drops at the beginning of this song and yes, I just said that)
15. Love Song - Sarah Bareilles
16. Vegas - Sarah Bareilles
17. Bottle it Up - Sarah Bareilles
18. Many the Miles - Sarah Bareilles
19. Low - FloRida
20. Ven Conmigo - Christina Aguilera - this Spanish language version has survived my playlist since discovering it in high school
21. Only Prettier - Miranda Lambert (hands down, favorite Miranda song)
22. Leave the Pieces - The Wreckers
23. Me and Charlie Talking - Miranda Lambert
24. Don't Stop Believing - Journey - a playlist isn't a playlist without this ballad
25. Push - Enrique Iglesias - this is one of the gems I got from the Step Up 2 Soundtrack... and no I'm not kidding, love the movie and bought the album. Don't judge.

What's on your Top 25 Most Played List? Most embarrassing song?

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