Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Goals Update

On January 3, I published my goals, formerly known as resolutions, for all the world (or the 8 readers of this blog) to see. To hold myself accountable, here's my mid-year update.

1. Cook twice each week. I've been successful in this category, but not in the way I'd intended. I was hoping to expand my cooking horizons, but I find myself eating a lot of bacon and eggs. Either way, I'm saving money by not eating out. I hope to cook one new/more complicated than pan-frying meal each week in the second half of 2011.

2. Exercise (at least) 4 times each week. I'm proud to say I've met this goal! Training for the triathlon helped me reach it and getting in the habit of exercising has helped me continue it. Now I'd like to try a new class or get back into Zumba, Pilates, and/or Yoga again!

3. Contribute a minimum amount to savings each month. I've finally paid off my credit card debt, am living on a budget, and starting to save. It's nice to not be scared to check my bank account. Win!

4. Find a church and attend twice a month. I'm sad to admit this goal did not take off. I don't want to replace it, but would like to find somewhere to volunteer twice a month. Perhaps I'll consider it an even trade?

5. Read one book for improvement and one book for pleasure each month.  I'm on target for the number of books... but not the type. I need to ramp up my books of substance, but this goal has definitely gotten me reading again! Check out what's next on Goodreads.

6. Blog (at least) once a week. I've been hit or miss here, but much more consistent than previous years! I love your comments, they keep me going so keep them coming!

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