Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Letters from Lauren

Last month I came across this post on Real Simple's blog. It's about a girl named Lauren (imagine that) in New York who pledged to write one hand-written letter every day in 2011, then she posts the letters on her blog, Letters from Lauren.

As someone who loves sending and receiving cards, notes and magazines in the mail, I love this idea. Although I didn't include it in my 2011 Goals, I have a birthday list on my fridge and I try to send a card and get it there ahead of time. This year, I have failed miserably. And every time a friend's birthday comes and goes, I kick myself. So here's to hoping that Lauren inspires me.

My favorite cards are FreshInk by Hallmark. They are refreshingly random and mildly ridiculous. I recommend you stop by and pick up a couple. Or just stand in the aisle reading them. You won't be disappointed. Here's a taste.
Picture from Fresh Ink's Facebook Page
"Adding to my misery, no one here thinks I'm funny"

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English said...

I hear ya girl - I love to send (and of course receive) cards in the mail too, but it always seems life gets in the way of being a good friend, for which I remain perpetually ashamed. I def. want to kick my FB "Happy Birthday" habit to the curb and take it back to the classic, underappreciated birthday card!