Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another move

So I've been MIA, what's new? I'll blame it on work, a lack of ideas... nay a lack of interesting ideas to blog about, and moving. That's right, I'm moving again. Just a few miles away, but that process involved finding a new place, changing utilities, packing... you know the drill. I'll move next week.

While I hate the actual moving process (thank goodness for my BF who says as long as I pack and unpack, he'll carry), I LOVE the process of unpacking and settling. I yearn for a time when that unpacking will be in a place I own, but I'll settle for a new, cute condo with a great landlord that I know... Craigslist is a small world.

I'm hoping to successfully decorate and make it as homey as possible and I've been following a few design blogs to give me some inspiration. I thought I'd share them with you.

I highly recommend the last blog, but with caution. They post frequently... like 80 times a day. But I LOVE the posts... specializing in small apartments in NYC and other cities. (Did I mention I'm losing 200 SF in this move??) I would love room for more books, but that's not in the cards. Maybe these bookcase stairs? day.